Target Rifle Victoria is the governing body for small-bore and air rifle shooting in Victoria. If you have never tried out the sport we encourage you to find out more about what the sport can offer you - friendship, a chance to compete equally, and the opportunity to participate in events across the state.

We are affiliated with our national body, Target Rifle Australia, and you can therefore compete at events interstate. For those with even more ambition, our affiliation through the Australian International Shooting Limited provides a pathway to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

We would like to encourage more shooters to become accredited range officers and scorers. Please send an email to our secretary if you are interested.
We are planning to send a Bus to the Australian Junior Nationals in December. If any juniors want to compete and would like to travel with the team, or if any seniors would like to assist with supervision, please send an email to the secretary.

New Grant:

Female participation in sport

Recently TRV launched a new scheme aimed at attracting more female participation within our organisation: The Commonwealth Ladies Pennant Team.

VicHealth has just released a new grant aimed at assisting clubs with improving female participation.. The new TRV Commonwealth Ladies Pennant Team is a valid new team that would comply with the terms of this new grant.

Clubs could apply for things such as:

  • Air Rifle Support stands,
  • Bench rest tables or stands
  • Perhaps uniforms for the ladies team,
  • Any sort of special welcome kit for the Ladies that the club puts together
  • SCATT training systems
  • Telescopes
  • Spotting scopes.
  • Any other related item associated with the Ladies Pennant team.
  • Electronic target machine.

You will not be able to apply for rifles or ammunition.

So its worth your club getting involved, enter a Ladies team and apply for the new grant. It closes 23rd of September.


Good Luck,

Mike Jarrad,

Target Rifle Victoria

TRV Proudly present the inaugural Womens Pennant series, The Commonwealth Ladies Pennant

This pennant is named in honour of The Commonwealth Ladies Rifle Club Formed in Feb 1901 in Melbourne and was the first Ladies only club in rifle shooting in the commonwealth. More details of this ground breaking club to become known in the next TRV newsletter.

To help support our clubs and increase membership TRV are introducing a pennant for women, open to existing members as well as prospective new female shooters.

We are encouraging existing club members to rally around and get wives, girlfriends, workmates and anyone you know to come and try our sport and take part in this competition.


TRV and VAPA Junior Championships

Target Rifle Victoria and Victorian Amateur Pistol Association will host the 2016 Junior Championships at the Melbourne International Shooting Club. There will be a range or disciplines open to Junior Competitors and plenty of faces to meet.

The competition will be held on the 17th and 18th of September and Entries close on the 2nd of September.

Please consult the competition flyer for more information

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We Stock the best quaility target ammunition for small bore rifle and pistol competitions.

Upcoming Events

3rd of September - Warren Potent & Graham Lawler Round 5

10th of September - Glenelg Region Prize Meeting (run by 4 clubs)

11th of September - Hamilton Prize Shoot

Pennant Series

50m Prone Pennant: 1st February - 10th April

20m Prone Pennant: 2nd May - 7th August

20m Bench Pennant: 23rd May - 31st July

10m Air Pennant: 22nd August - 30th October

10m Air Supported Pennant: 22nd August - 30th October

50m Bench Pennant: 5th September - 13th November