Results - Database Edition

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50m Bench - Match 1 - 2013-11-10
Annette Rowe600.056
Rodney Izard600.049
Graham Bickerdike600.045
Richard Lightfoot597.047
Lindsay Robbins597.045
Martin Lee596.034
John Gallo595.037
Peter Farley594.037
David Cominie593.040
Gerhard Maya593.033
Max Joiner592.039
Vito Di Pasquale592.031
Rodger Brooks591.034
Dennis Peacock591.033
Angelo Nitsis588.034
Syd Garvey587.032
Reginald McCready587.031
Colin Harman586.032
Anthony Potts583.026
Valerie McCready582.026
Laszlo Nyusti581.020
Chris Karamoshos552.027