Results - Database Edition

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20m Bench - Pre 2017 - Match 1 - 2013-10-01
Michael Jarrad580.012
Heather Bailey577.013
Max Joiner574.011
Gerhard Maya572.015
Phillip Deegan570.014
Zali Hudgson570.012
Sean Hudgson569.014
Michael Lonergan569.014
Syd Garvey568.014
Gwen Thomas568.014
Efstratios Anestopoulos568.013
David Cominie568.011
Derek Swann568.010
Stewart Bailey566.012
David Homewood566.007
Karyn Homewood565.012
Alan Collins564.009
Steve Beneta563.008
Anthony Potts556.003
Michael McKernan555.006
William Ross554.008
Ann-Margaret Buckley554.007
Rodger Brooks552.005
Paul Rusic550.007
Robert Reed550.006
Lynn Durston549.004
Rees Davies546.005
Frank Buckley543.004
Ellie Turner541.003