Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Part 2 - 2013-10-26
Neil Davis588.029
Paul Janicki583.024
Chris Lott581.022
David Widdicombe580.025
James Daly580.021
David Coupe577.025
Julie Holcombe577.021
Daniel Croatto569.013
Samuel Foster566.016
Matthew Irvine558.014
Zac Sirianni556.013
50m Bench - Part 2 - 2013-10-26
Alan Taylor598.043
Graham Bickerdike597.050
Stewart Bailey597.042
Gerhard Maya595.050
David Ball595.041
Syd Garvey594.040
Heather Bailey594.037
Dennis Peacock590.039
Kyle Janicki579.023
50m Prone - Part 1 - 2013-10-26
Chris Lott592.031
Julie Holcombe587.029
Neil Davis583.032
David Coupe583.021
Daniel Croatto581.028
James Daly580.022
Paul Janicki577.019
Samuel Foster563.016
David Widdicombe563.011
Zac Sirianni559.009
Matthew Irvine538.010
50m Bench - Part 1 - 2013-10-26
David Ball600.045
Gerhard Maya597.047
Graham Bickerdike595.043
Stewart Bailey594.036
Heather Bailey592.041
Syd Garvey592.035
Alan Taylor591.041
Dennis Peacock589.038
Kyle Janicki585.029
Shaun Clapp0.000
50m Prone - Part 4 - 2013-10-27
Julie Holcombe594.034
Neil Davis589.028
Daniel Croatto582.029
Chris Lott581.025
Robert Howell580.023
James Daly578.023
Paul Janicki575.023
David Coupe573.017
Samuel Foster566.017
David Widdicombe562.010
Zac Sirianni558.011
Matthew Irvine542.011
50m Bench - Part 4 - 2013-10-27
David Ball598.051
Graham Bickerdike598.047
Alan Taylor597.048
Stewart Bailey594.033
Gerhard Maya593.040
Kyle Janicki593.037
Dennis Peacock593.033
Heather Bailey592.037
Syd Garvey584.031
50m Prone - Part 3 - 2013-10-27
Julie Holcombe583.030
James Daly581.026
Chris Lott581.026
David Widdicombe581.023
Paul Janicki581.022
Robert Howell580.022
Neil Davis578.015
David Coupe577.017
Daniel Croatto573.021
Samuel Foster569.021
Zac Sirianni565.012
Matthew Irvine547.008
50m Bench - Part 3 - 2013-10-27
Heather Bailey599.047
Graham Bickerdike598.054
David Ball598.045
Alan Taylor597.043
Syd Garvey593.043
Dennis Peacock593.033
Gerhard Maya591.039
Stewart Bailey591.036
Kyle Janicki584.030