Results - Database Edition

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20m Prone - 0 - 2013-08-03
James Daly597.000
Michael Jarrad596.000
Chris Lott592.000
John Denton589.000
Michael Chmiel586.000
Zac Sirianni586.000
John Hopkins585.000
Lindsay Braybon584.000
Cameron Paterson584.000
Neil Davis584.000
Wayne Helliwell582.000
Craig Cameron576.000
Rodger Brooks574.000
Alex Cameron573.000
Anthony Potts565.000
Paul Golden550.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2013-08-03
Max Joiner597.000
Brendan Maginn597.000
Gerhard Maya596.000
Rodger Brooks596.000
John Denton595.000
William Maginn594.000
Robert Marshall587.000
Leslie Paterson572.000
Anthony Potts559.000
10m Air Rifle - 0 - 2013-08-03
Susan Lott578.000
Samuel Foster572.000
Chris Lott570.000
James Daly546.000
Zac Sirianni538.000
Michael Jarrad530.000
Gerhard Maya510.000
Neil Davis503.000
Craig Cameron483.000
Cameron Paterson470.000
Robert Marshall439.000
Alex Cameron372.000
PPP (3x20) - 0 - 2013-08-03
Susan Lott559.000
Chris Lott555.000
Lindsay Braybon529.000
Samuel Foster529.000
James Daly519.000
Nathan MacKay480.000
John Denton467.000
50m Prone - 0 - 2013-08-04
Chris Lott591.000
James Daly587.000
Michael Jarrad586.000
Adrian Bourke581.000
John Denton579.000
Michael Chmiel579.000
Geoffrey Doig578.000
Xavier McLaurin576.000
Zac Sirianni572.000
Neil Davis572.000
Rodger Brooks568.000
Craig Cameron568.000
Alex Cameron567.000
Trevor Jones567.000
Cameron Paterson566.000
Wayne Helliwell561.000
Anthony Potts560.000
Bernie Noonan548.000
John Hopkins541.000
Paul Golden535.000
Mitchel Brady522.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2013-08-04
Max Joiner598.000
Rodger Brooks594.000
Gerhard Maya593.000
William Maginn593.000
Robert Marshall592.000
Brendan Maginn590.000
John Denton586.000
Leslie Paterson580.000
Anthony Potts561.000