Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - 0 - 2013-07-27
Chris Lott589.000
David Coupe585.000
Michael Jarrad585.000
James Daly583.000
Matthew Bailey582.000
Peter Males582.000
Julie Holcombe575.000
Chris Slevin573.000
Michael Young571.000
Paul Janicki568.000
Thomas Mewburn565.000
Richard Bourke560.000
David Widdicombe560.000
Geoffrey Place537.000
Tamara Dwyer524.000
Joseph Reeves493.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2013-07-27
Gerhard Maya597.000
Trevor Clapp597.000
Julie Holcombe596.000
Ernest Mulcahy596.000
Alan Taylor595.000
Ruth Mulcahy594.000
Shane Coupe592.000
Stewart Bailey592.000
Geoffrey Place591.000
Paul Janicki590.000
Raymond Knight589.000
Shaun Clapp588.000
Roland Young587.000
Heather Bailey587.000
Syd Garvey582.000
Chris Slevin582.000
Peter Males579.000
Tamara Dwyer576.000
David Widdicombe574.000
Dennis Peacock570.000