Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Round 3 - 2013-07-06
Michael Jarrad583.000
Chris Lott582.000
Euan Gibson582.000
Warren Grenness582.000
Xavier McLaurin580.000
James Daly580.000
Dean Romanoff576.000
Cameron Paterson575.000
Andrew Cocks573.000
Samuel Foster571.000
Peter Males569.000
Timothy Braybon565.000
Neil Davis564.000
Lindsay Braybon564.000
Iain Sedgman562.000
David Comben561.000
Christopher Foster558.000
Sean Finn557.000
Michael McKernan534.000
Jason Baker513.000
10m Air Rifle - Round 3 - 2013-07-06
Susan Lott581.000
Timothy Braybon572.000
Chris Lott569.000
Samuel Foster568.000
Euan Gibson565.000
Lindsay Braybon552.000
Michael Jarrad548.000
James Daly536.000
Neil Davis528.000
Christopher Foster474.000
Iain Sedgman432.000
Cameron Paterson421.000