Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - 0 - 2013-06-08
Chris Lott594.000
Michael Jarrad594.000
James Daly589.000
Jason Lowe589.000
Matthew Bailey584.000
Paul Janicki581.000
Debbie Lowe581.000
Peter Eyers578.000
Peter Males578.000
Alex Cameron575.000
Antoine Wurfel574.000
Susan Lott573.000
Tim Butler572.000
Don Gowland570.000
Craig Cameron566.000
Peter Kelley565.000
David Comben565.000
David Widdicombe561.000
Michael McKernan560.000
Dianne Robertson549.000
Kenneth Oxley549.000
Alby Morgan546.000
20m Prone - 0 - 2013-06-08
Chris Lott595.000
Michael Jarrad595.000
Jason Lowe594.000
Tim Butler592.000
Peter Eyers590.000
Peter Males590.000
Antoine Wurfel589.000
Debbie Lowe588.000
Don Gowland586.000
Alex Cameron584.000
Matthew Bailey583.000
James Daly583.000
Craig Cameron583.000
Paul Janicki578.000
Peter Kelley578.000
Alby Morgan576.000
David Widdicombe575.000
David Comben571.000
Peter Carroll570.000
Michael McKernan570.000
Dianne Robertson558.000
Graham Blake521.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2013-06-08
Rylan Schottler600.000
Gerhard Maya598.000
Ernest Mulcahy598.000
Roy Helbig597.000
Peter Gurney596.000
Paul Reed595.000
Peter Males594.000
Paul Helbig594.000
Beth Garland594.000
Richard Harvey594.000
Kenneth Wilson593.000
Reginald McCready593.000
Peter Carroll593.000
Graham Blake592.000
Ruth Mulcahy591.000
Paul Janicki590.000
Darryl Gray589.000
Alan Collins589.000
Yvonne Gowland589.000
Kenneth Oxley587.000
Tim Butler585.000
Brodie Morgan575.000
Jason Ritter574.000
20m Bench - Pre 2017 - 0 - 2013-06-08
Ernest Mulcahy577.000
Roy Helbig576.000
Paul Helbig573.000
Kenneth Wilson572.000
Gerhard Maya570.000
Tim Butler567.000
Ruth Mulcahy565.000
Paul Janicki564.000
Yvonne Gowland564.000
Richard Harvey563.000
Reginald McCready563.000
Rylan Schottler562.000
Graham Blake562.000
Alan Collins560.000
Paul Reed557.000
Peter Gurney555.000
Kenneth Oxley554.000
Darryl Gray552.000
Jason Ritter548.000
Brodie Morgan538.000
10m Air Rifle - 0 - 2013-06-08
Susan Lott573.000
Chris Lott567.000
Michael Jarrad555.000
Michael McKernan554.000
James Daly538.000
Peter Kelley512.000
Antoine Wurfel508.000
Dianne Robertson508.000
Craig Cameron493.000
Gerhard Maya482.000
Alex Cameron481.000
Jason Ritter454.000
Paul Janicki391.000
PPP (3x20) - 0 - 2013-06-08
Susan Lott554.000
Chris Lott533.000
James Daly512.000
Antoine Wurfel502.000
Peter Kelley500.000
Michael McKernan416.000
Dianne Robertson365.000