Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Round 1 - 2013-05-04
Warren Grenness594.000
Euan Gibson589.000
Michael Jarrad587.000
Xavier McLaurin584.000
Susan Lott581.000
Chris Lott580.000
Glen Turner578.000
Michael Young577.000
Peter Males576.000
James Daly575.000
Neil Davis574.000
Lindsay Braybon569.000
Gregory Tomorad569.000
Alex Cameron568.000
Samuel Foster565.000
Christopher Foster561.000
David Comben561.000
Dean Romanoff554.000
Craig Cameron549.000
Estelle Wallingford509.000
10m Air Rifle - Round 1 - 2013-05-04
Susan Lott581.000
Euan Gibson570.000
Samuel Foster562.000
Michael Jarrad554.000
Chris Lott551.000
Lindsay Braybon541.000
James Daly537.000
Neil Davis522.000
Christopher Nesnass502.000
Craig Cameron491.000
Christopher Foster415.000
Alex Cameron377.000