Results - Database Edition

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50m Bench - Day 2 - 2009-08-08
Martin Lee600.000
Ernest Mulcahy599.000
Ruth Mulcahy596.000
Herb Thomas596.000
David Homewood594.000
Kevin Smith594.000
Vincent Anderson590.000
Graham Bickerdike587.000
Peggy Ritchie584.000
Mathieu De Cicco583.000
Athol Girdlestone578.000
Michael Walker578.000
Anthony Potts566.000
50m Prone - Day 1 - 2009-08-08
Chris Lott590.000
Mathew Hall580.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks579.000
Janine Chick574.000
Leonard Hayes574.000
Shaun Peirce570.000
Xavier McLaurin570.000
Lindsay Braybon567.000
Emma Knights564.000
David Stephens563.000
Vincent Anderson560.000
Robert Richards558.000
William Hicks554.000
Bev Braybon554.000
Christopher Foster554.000
Tony Nudl552.000
Kevin Corneliusen550.000
Anthony Potts542.000
Luke Mckenzie-Mcharg532.000
Samuel Foster522.000
20m Prone - Day 1 - 2009-08-08
Chris Lott595.000
Janine Chick588.000
Emma Knights587.000
Christopher Foster582.000
Mathew Hall580.000
Shaun Peirce580.000
Lindsay Braybon574.000
Kevin Corneliusen568.000
David Stephens567.000
Anthony Potts563.000
William Hicks562.000
Robert Richards561.000
Samuel Foster554.000
Herb Thomas552.000
Tony Nudl551.000
Luke Mckenzie-Mcharg535.000
50m Bench - Day 1 - 2009-08-08
Martin Lee599.000
David Homewood592.000
Graham Bickerdike592.000
Kevin Smith589.000
Athol Girdlestone585.000
Michael Walker583.000
Mathieu De Cicco579.000
Anthony Potts565.000
Mathew Hall543.000
10m Air Rifle - Day 1 - 2009-08-08
Timothy Braybon567.000
Lindsay Braybon522.000
Janine Chick515.000
Mathew Hall515.000
Glenn Braybon515.000
Chris Lott514.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks482.000
Robert Richards481.000
Samuel Foster399.000
Luke Mckenzie-Mcharg225.000
PPP (3x20) - Day 1 - 2009-08-08
Lindsay Braybon495.000
Chris Lott487.000
Janine Chick474.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks457.000
Robert Richards448.000
William Hicks371.000