Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Part 1 - 2011-03-06
Chris Lott584.000
Daniel Croatto583.000
Glenn Keogh581.000
Warren Grenness580.000
Kenneth Hart579.000
Glen Turner577.000
Robert Howell575.000
Michael Young575.000
Carl Bedwell575.000
Stewart Dunn574.000
Janine Chick570.000
Xavier McLaurin570.000
Andrew Cocks568.000
Christopher Foster568.000
Peter Males566.000
Susan Lott564.000
Samuel Elsmore561.000
John MacKenzie560.000
Roderick Williams559.000
Lindsay Braybon556.000
Michael Jarrad556.000
Robert Richards553.000
Samuel Foster552.000
Dawn Macgregor552.000
Dean Underwood552.000
Daniel Crawford551.000
Robert Baker551.000
Jordie Burgess548.000
Craig Rush548.000
Thomas Templeman548.000
Neville Nitschke543.000
Jacob Cooper537.000
Lindsay Musgrave530.000
David Comben519.000
Dean Newlan517.000
Breanne Rush507.000
50m Bench - Part 1 - 2011-03-06
Richard Lightfoot600.000
David Ball600.000
Hussein Ozaksoy600.000
Annette Rowe599.000
Peter Males599.000
Kevin Smith598.000
Martin Lee597.000
Ernest Mulcahy596.000
Valerie McCready594.000
Reginald McCready593.000
Patrick Wolfe591.000
Athol Girdlestone585.000
Daniel Croatto581.000
Louis Chick580.000
10m Air Rifle - Part 1 - 2011-03-06
Susan Lott591.000
Timothy Braybon583.000
Warren Grenness565.000
Michael Jarrad558.000
Janine Chick553.000
Lindsay Braybon551.000
Chris Lott551.000
Samuel Foster541.000
Christopher Nesnass532.000
Glenn Braybon516.000
Kenneth Hart514.000
Robert Richards514.000
PPP (3x40) - Part 1 - 2011-03-06
Susan Lott1097.000
Warren Grenness1092.000
Chris Lott1085.000
Lindsay Braybon1039.000
Janine Chick1022.000
Robert Richards980.000