Results - Database Edition

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20m Prone - Part 2 - 2007-06-30
Robert Howell593.000
Chris Lott592.000
Lindsay Braybon592.000
Mathew Hall591.000
Glenn Kelley590.000
Julie Holcombe590.000
Stephanie Bourke589.000
Dean Romanoff589.000
Kenneth Hart585.000
Stewart Dunn585.000
Carl Bedwell584.000
John MacKenzie583.000
Maxwell Bolwell582.000
Shaun Peirce581.000
Geoffrey Doig581.000
Zackarie Poole581.000
Daniel Croatto579.000
Trevor Lucas577.000
Chris Slevin577.000
Vincent Anderson576.000
Steven Lack575.000
Malaree Waldron575.000
David Homewood574.000
Gregory Tomorad573.000
Mark Drage571.000
David Ball571.000
Lindsay Musgrave571.000
Karyn Homewood570.000
Aiden Bourke566.000
Herb Thomas566.000
Kevin Corneliusen562.000
Emma Knights558.000
Jack Kimpton556.000
Anthony Potts553.000
Larry Waack529.000