Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Part 1 - 2007-03-10
Robert Howell589.000
Kenneth Hart583.000
Daniel Croatto581.000
Timothy Bourke581.000
Gregory Tomorad581.000
Chris Lott578.000
Carl Bedwell578.000
Ron Maine577.000
Edward Nagorcka577.000
Susan Lott576.000
Stephanie Bourke576.000
Stewart Dunn575.000
Timothy Braybon574.000
Dean Romanoff574.000
Andrew Cocks574.000
Shaun Peirce573.000
Steven Lack573.000
Rodney Mcclure573.000
Alastair MacInnes572.000
Julie Holcombe570.000
Xavier McLaurin570.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks569.000
John Hopkins567.000
John Hart566.000
Lindsay Musgrave565.000
Vincent Anderson564.000
Robert Richards563.000
John MacKenzie563.000
Samuel Elsmore562.000
David Homewood562.000
Richard Bourke561.000
Lindsay Braybon559.000
Karyn Homewood557.000
Peter Males557.000
Craig Arnel556.000
Simon Hand555.000
Paddy Morgan554.000
Leonie Finlayson551.000
Anthony Elsmore550.000
Lindsay Robbins549.000
Anthony Potts549.000
Tony Nudl546.000
Rebecca Higgins545.000
Aiden Bourke544.000
Allan MacInnes540.000
Janine Chick533.000
Patrick Morgan525.000
10m Air Rifle - Part 1 - 2007-03-10
Susan Lott587.000
Benjamin Burge586.000
Edward Nagorcka574.000
Johann Saitz574.000
Timothy Bourke567.000
Timothy Braybon565.000
Ron Maine554.000
Alastair MacInnes538.000
Christopher Nesnass536.000
Lindsay Braybon529.000
John Hart499.000
PPP (3x40) - Part 1 - 2007-03-10
Benjamin Burge1133.000
Edward Nagorcka1113.000
Timothy Bourke1060.000
Steven Lack1026.000
Lindsay Braybon988.000
PPP (3x20) - Part 1 - 2007-03-10
Susan Lott567.000
Kim Frazer553.000
John Hart477.000