Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Match 2 - 2011-10-15
Chris Lott581.000
Julie Holcombe571.000
Craig Arnel567.000
Craig Rush567.000
Daniel Croatto565.000
Neville Nitschke562.000
Emma Knights561.000
Dean Underwood557.000
Herb Thomas554.000
David Coupe549.000
Daniel Crawford541.000
Jacob Cooper529.000
Breanne Rush524.000
David Harrington523.000
50m Bench - Match 2 - 2011-10-15
Richard Lightfoot598.000
Patrick Wolfe595.000
Annette Rowe595.000
Hussein Ozaksoy594.000
Dennis Peacock591.000
Kevin Smith591.000
Gerhard Maya591.000
Herb Thomas591.000
Mark Pilgrim589.000
Reginald McCready586.000
Valerie McCready582.000
Owen Daykin578.000
Tina Arnold577.000
50m Prone - Match 1 - 2011-10-15
Chris Lott580.000
Daniel Croatto577.000
Craig Rush573.000
Julie Holcombe568.000
Craig Arnel568.000
Susan Lott567.000
Neville Nitschke564.000
David Harrington556.000
David Coupe550.000
Jacob Cooper549.000
Dean Underwood549.000
Daniel Crawford547.000
Herb Thomas540.000
Emma Knights534.000
Breanne Rush528.000
50m Bench - Match 1 - 2011-10-15
Richard Lightfoot600.000
Annette Rowe599.000
Hussein Ozaksoy596.000
Patrick Wolfe596.000
Herb Thomas595.000
Dennis Peacock595.000
Mark Pilgrim590.000
Reginald McCready590.000
Gerhard Maya588.000
Kevin Smith587.000
Owen Daykin584.000
Tina Arnold583.000
Valerie McCready582.000
50m Prone - Match 4 - 2011-10-16
Chris Lott588.000
Craig Rush575.000
Daniel Crawford574.000
Daniel Croatto573.000
Dean Underwood572.000
Neville Nitschke571.000
David Coupe571.000
Craig Arnel567.000
Julie Holcombe565.000
Emma Knights559.000
Jacob Cooper546.000
Herb Thomas545.000
David Harrington544.000
50m Bench - Match 4 - 2011-10-16
Patrick Wolfe599.000
Annette Rowe599.000
Richard Lightfoot598.000
Hussein Ozaksoy596.000
Herb Thomas595.000
Tina Arnold594.000
Gerhard Maya593.000
Dennis Peacock592.000
Kevin Smith591.000
Valerie McCready591.000
Mark Pilgrim585.000
Thomas Pilgrim584.000
Owen Daykin578.000
50m Prone - Match 3 - 2011-10-16
Chris Lott592.000
Julie Holcombe577.000
Daniel Croatto571.000
Dean Underwood570.000
David Coupe565.000
Emma Knights562.000
Craig Rush562.000
Susan Lott561.000
Craig Arnel556.000
Daniel Crawford555.000
Herb Thomas555.000
Neville Nitschke552.000
Jacob Cooper534.000
David Harrington534.000
Breanne Rush510.000
50m Bench - Match 3 - 2011-10-16
Annette Rowe599.000
Hussein Ozaksoy599.000
Richard Lightfoot599.000
Gerhard Maya597.000
Reginald McCready596.000
Dennis Peacock595.000
Mark Pilgrim592.000
Owen Daykin590.000
Patrick Wolfe590.000
Herb Thomas588.000
Kevin Smith582.000
Tina Arnold582.000
Valerie McCready577.000
Thomas Pilgrim575.000