Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Match 4 - 2009-05-30
Chris Lott591.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks576.000
Michael Young573.000
Robert Richards571.000
Shaun Peirce568.000
Michael Jorgensen565.000
Janine Chick565.000
Mark Drage564.000
Leonard Hayes563.000
Daniel Croatto563.000
Lindsay Braybon560.000
Grant Baker558.000
David Homewood557.000
William Hicks549.000
Kevin Corneliusen535.000
Matthew Corneliusen515.000
Blake Jorgensen498.000
50m Bench - Match 4 - 2009-05-30
Kevin Smith598.000
Martin Lee598.000
Kenneth Hutchinson592.000
John Kelly590.000
Sue McLaren583.000
Valerie McCready582.000
Michael Walker581.000
Reginald McCready576.000
Karyn Homewood572.000
Stanley Head570.000
Daniel Peters564.000
50m Prone - Match 3 - 2009-05-30
Shaun Peirce582.000
Chris Lott578.000
Michael Jorgensen577.000
Daniel Croatto577.000
Lindsay Braybon572.000
Robert Richards572.000
William Hicks571.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks569.000
Mark Drage567.000
David Homewood567.000
Janine Chick566.000
Leonard Hayes566.000
Kevin Corneliusen556.000
Michael Young551.000
Grant Baker551.000
Matthew Corneliusen543.000
Blake Jorgensen518.000
50m Bench - Match 3 - 2009-05-30
Kenneth Hutchinson599.000
Martin Lee597.000
Michael Walker596.000
Kevin Smith595.000
John Kelly589.000
Karyn Homewood586.000
Sue McLaren582.000
Valerie McCready580.000
Reginald McCready580.000
Stanley Head577.000
Daniel Peters555.000
50m Prone - Match 2 - 2009-05-30
Chris Lott584.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks583.000
Shaun Peirce582.000
Janine Chick575.000
Mark Drage573.000
Michael Young567.000
Kevin Corneliusen564.000
Lindsay Braybon564.000
Michael Jorgensen560.000
Daniel Croatto560.000
William Hicks554.000
Robert Richards553.000
Matthew Corneliusen551.000
David Harrington548.000
David Homewood547.000
Blake Jorgensen522.000
Craig Rush500.000
50m Bench - Match 2 - 2009-05-30
Martin Lee597.000
Kevin Smith595.000
Kenneth Hutchinson595.000
Sue McLaren590.000
Michael Walker589.000
John Kelly589.000
Valerie McCready588.000
Karyn Homewood575.000
Stanley Head573.000
Reginald McCready570.000
Daniel Peters570.000
50m Prone - Match 1 - 2009-05-30
Chris Lott593.000
Janine Chick580.000
Shaun Peirce577.000
Daniel Croatto576.000
Mark Drage576.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks570.000
William Hicks566.000
Michael Jorgensen565.000
Lindsay Braybon565.000
Kevin Corneliusen561.000
Michael Young561.000
Matthew Corneliusen551.000
Robert Richards548.000
David Homewood547.000
Craig Rush544.000
David Harrington536.000
Blake Jorgensen522.000
50m Bench - Match 1 - 2009-05-30
Kenneth Hutchinson600.000
Michael Walker598.000
Kevin Smith596.000
Martin Lee595.000
Sue McLaren589.000
John Kelly587.000
Stanley Head585.000
Karyn Homewood582.000
Valerie McCready582.000
Reginald McCready580.000
Daniel Peters567.000