Results - Database Edition

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PPP (3x40) - 0 - 2011-04-19
Susan Lott1112.000
Chris Lott1089.000
Janine Chick1027.000
Lindsay Braybon1016.000
50m Bench - Day 1 - 2011-04-20
Patrick Wolfe600.000
Martin Lee599.000
Richard Lightfoot599.000
Catherine Burnett599.000
Annette Rowe599.000
Alan Collins597.000
Hussein Ozaksoy596.000
Gerhard Maya596.000
Dennis Peacock595.000
William Knight594.000
David Ball594.000
Kevin Smith594.000
Andrew Ball592.000
Scott Kiddle591.000
John Denton589.000
Daniel Croatto588.000
Raymond Rochow586.000
Tyron Knight580.000
Maureen Rochow580.000
PPP (3x20) - 0 - 2011-04-20
Alethea Sedgman573.000
Susan Lott568.000
Chris Lott552.000
Lindsay Braybon534.000
Janine Chick530.000
50m Bench - Day 2 - 2011-04-21
Scott Kiddle597.000
Catherine Burnett597.000
Annette Rowe596.000
Martin Lee596.000
Hussein Ozaksoy594.000
Andrew Ball594.000
Gerhard Maya593.000
Richard Lightfoot593.000
Alan Collins593.000
David Ball593.000
Patrick Wolfe592.000
Daniel Croatto589.000
William Knight588.000
Dennis Peacock586.000
Raymond Rochow586.000
Kevin Smith585.000
Tyron Knight581.000
Maureen Rochow581.000
John Denton578.000
10m Air Rifle - 0 - 2011-04-21
Susan Lott585.000
Timothy Braybon581.000
Alethea Sedgman580.000
Janine Chick561.000
Michael Jarrad556.000
Mathew Hall556.000
Samuel Foster556.000
Chris Lott551.000
Timothy Bourke549.000
Andrew Cocks547.000
Lindsay Braybon540.000