Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Part 2 - 2007-04-02
Chris Lott585.000
Benjamin Burge582.000
Robert Howell579.000
Warren Grenness577.000
Edward Nagorcka576.000
Kenneth Hart571.000
Carl Bedwell569.000
Timothy Bourke568.000
Stephanie Bourke565.000
Julie Holcombe563.000
Daniel Croatto562.000
John Hart561.000
Bianca Waldron557.000
Kevin Corneliusen557.000
Steven Lack555.000
Xavier McLaurin555.000
Malaree Waldron554.000
Richard Bourke552.000
Chris Slevin548.000
Reginald McCready542.000
Aiden Bourke540.000
Tamara Dwyer533.000
Jack Kimpton529.000
David Ball525.000
Graeme Forbes515.000
10m Air Rifle - Part 2 - 2007-04-02
Susan Lott582.000
Edward Nagorcka578.000
Benjamin Burge571.000
Timothy Braybon561.000
Johann Saitz558.000
Graeme Forbes531.000
Timothy Bourke470.000
50m Prone - Part 1 - 2007-04-02
Warren Grenness587.000
Benjamin Burge580.000
Chris Lott578.000
Robert Howell577.000
Timothy Bourke574.000
Susan Lott571.000
Kenneth Hart571.000
John Hart569.000
Edward Nagorcka568.000
Chris Slevin568.000
Bianca Waldron565.000
Stephanie Bourke563.000
Steven Lack562.000
Richard Bourke559.000
Xavier McLaurin559.000
Julie Holcombe558.000
Malaree Waldron556.000
Daniel Croatto556.000
Aiden Bourke555.000
Jack Kimpton545.000
Kevin Corneliusen540.000
Carl Bedwell540.000
David Ball538.000
Reginald McCready531.000
Tamara Dwyer528.000
Graeme Forbes484.000
50m Bench - Part 1 - 2007-04-02
Richard Bourke595.000
Suzane Bourke593.000
David Ball588.000
William Knight588.000
Martin Lee586.000
David Knight585.000
Jessica Ball584.000
Andrew Ball572.000
10m Air Rifle - Part 1 - 2007-04-02
Susan Lott586.000
Benjamin Burge574.000
Johann Saitz574.000
Edward Nagorcka572.000
Timothy Bourke565.000
Timothy Braybon550.000
Graeme Forbes539.000
PPP (3x40) - Part 1 - 2007-04-02
Edward Nagorcka1124.000
Susan Lott1116.000
Benjamin Burge1110.000
Timothy Bourke1070.000
Steven Lack1052.000
John Hart931.000
PPP (3x20) - Part 1 - 2007-04-02
Susan Lott550.000
Steven Lack511.000
Kenneth Hart507.000
John Hart489.000