Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - 0 - 2010-07-25
Robert Howell593.000
Kenneth Hart584.000
Julie Holcombe581.000
Daniel Croatto579.000
Leon Maguire565.000
Emma Knights563.000
Michael Jorgensen562.000
Chris Slevin560.000
Matthew Bailey558.000
Blake Jorgensen548.000
Thomas Mewburn547.000
David Widdicombe536.000
Anthony Mewburn520.000
Paul Janicki507.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2010-07-25
Dennis Peacock600.000
Julie Holcombe599.000
Robert Ruediger597.000
Andrew Ball597.000
Dean Romanoff596.000
David Ball595.000
David Knight593.000
Chris Slevin589.000
David Coupe586.000
Matthew Irvine583.000
Emma Knights580.000
Sam Diegmann579.000
Kenneth Hart579.000
Anthony Mewburn575.000
Paul Janicki571.000