Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - 0 - 2011-05-21
Chris Lott580.000
Janine Chick576.000
Glen Turner574.000
Daniel Croatto573.000
Michael Jarrad570.000
Zac Sirianni565.000
Peter Males564.000
Susan Lott562.000
Roderick Williams557.000
Robert Herron535.000
Kevin Smith510.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2011-05-21
Annette Rowe600.000
Martin Lee598.000
Richard Lightfoot597.000
Ernest Mulcahy597.000
Patrick Wolfe597.000
Chris Karamoshos595.000
Hussein Ozaksoy594.000
Kevin Smith588.000
Daniel Croatto587.000
Peter Males587.000
Tina Arnold579.000
Robin Williams578.000
Robert Herron562.000
10m Air Rifle - 0 - 2011-05-21
Susan Lott588.000
Michael Jarrad545.000
Chris Lott544.000
Janine Chick541.000
Lindsay Braybon540.000
PPP (3x20) - 0 - 2011-05-21
Susan Lott557.000
Chris Lott549.000
Michael Jarrad505.000
Janine Chick486.000