Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - 0 - 2009-05-24
Robert Howell587.000
Samuel Elsmore586.000
Chris Lott585.000
Mathew Hall585.000
Glenn Keogh583.000
Julie Holcombe580.000
Daniel Croatto580.000
Xavier McLaurin578.000
Janine Chick576.000
John MacKenzie575.000
Timothy Bourke575.000
Stewart Dunn574.000
Darren Nicholson573.000
Peter Males571.000
Roderick Williams571.000
Alan Baker570.000
Alethea Sedgman570.000
Robert Baker569.000
Andrew Cocks565.000
Shaun Peirce564.000
Michael Young560.000
Iain Sedgman546.000
Robert Herron536.000
Emma Knights529.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2009-05-24
Brian Forth599.000
Kevin Smith598.000
John MacKenzie595.000
Richard Lightfoot595.000
Michael Walker594.000
Colin Wearne589.000
James Pollock587.000
Brittany Peirce587.000
Brenda Girdlestone586.000
Graham White586.000
Kevin Beer586.000
Robert Baker584.000
Michael Tucker583.000
Louis Chick582.000
Nicholas Dole581.000
Gavin Baker575.000
Daniel Croatto522.000
Shaun Peirce487.000
10m Air Rifle - 0 - 2009-05-24
Alethea Sedgman576.000
Samuel Elsmore573.000
Timothy Braybon565.000
Timothy Bourke556.000
Mathew Hall540.000
Janine Chick524.000
PPP (3x20) - 0 - 2009-05-24
Alethea Sedgman564.000
Samuel Elsmore545.000
Janine Chick528.000
Mathew Hall501.000