Results - Database Edition

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20m Prone - 0 - 2009-09-03
Paul Rudolph596.000
Stewart Dunn589.000
Peter Males586.000
John MacKenzie586.000
David Pettifer585.000
Dean Romanoff583.000
Ian Puckey583.000
Darren Nicholson583.000
Janine Chick582.000
Jeffrey Newham581.000
Tony Nudl572.000
Kenneth Oxley567.000
Frank Ameerbeg560.000
Robert Herron552.000
Iain Sedgman550.000
William Aldridge549.000
Rees Davies540.000
Luke Mckenzie-Mcharg525.000
Casey Rolfe516.000
Alexandra Mulcahy500.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2009-09-03
Richard Lightfoot600.000
John Kelly600.000
Vincent Anderson598.000
Catherine Burnett598.000
Alan Collins597.000
Brian Forth597.000
Richard Wong595.000
Keith Smith595.000
Colin Wearne593.000
Valerie McCready592.000
Jeffrey Newham590.000
David Pettifer590.000
Reginald McCready587.000
Rory Putko585.000
Brittany Peirce584.000
Mathieu De Cicco583.000
Shaun Peirce582.000
Jay De Cicco580.000
Nicholas Dole579.000
Karen Taylor579.000
John Foulkes576.000
Stanley Head576.000
Adam Crawley574.000
Garry Moody571.000