Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Day 2 - 2009-04-25
Chris Lott577.000
Shaun Peirce576.000
Geoffrey Doig572.000
Adrian Bourke569.000
Janine Chick565.000
Xavier McLaurin565.000
Peter Males564.000
Darren Nicholson564.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks562.000
David Homewood561.000
Rebecca Higgins560.000
Mark Drage560.000
William Hicks555.000
Robert Richards551.000
Karyn Homewood548.000
Christopher Foster545.000
Michael Young543.000
Samuel Foster488.000
50m Bench - Day 2 - 2009-04-25
Brian Forth595.000
Graham Bickerdike590.000
Peggy Ritchie587.000
Charles Floyd587.000
Shaun Peirce586.000
Michael Walker586.000
Colin Wearne585.000
David Homewood583.000
Brittany Peirce580.000
Robert Richards575.000
Kevin Smith574.000
Martin Lee574.000
Reginald McCready567.000
Valerie McCready565.000
50m Prone - Day 1 - 2009-04-25
Chris Lott584.000
Mark Drage576.000
Darren Nicholson576.000
(Kelli) Andrea Hicks575.000
Shaun Peirce574.000
Xavier McLaurin573.000
Geoffrey Doig572.000
Adrian Bourke572.000
Peter Males571.000
Peter Kelley567.000
Rebecca Higgins566.000
Christopher Foster563.000
Janine Chick562.000
Robert Richards561.000
William Hicks560.000
Michael Young556.000
David Homewood553.000
Samuel Foster531.000
Luke Mckenzie-Mcharg462.000
Roland Young369.000
50m Bench - Day 1 - 2009-04-25
Brian Forth599.000
Graham Bickerdike594.000
David Homewood594.000
Rodney Izard593.000
Michael Walker592.000
Kevin Smith591.000
Peggy Ritchie590.000
Shaun Peirce588.000
Brittany Peirce587.000
Richard Lightfoot584.000
Robert Richards583.000
Colin Wearne581.000
Martin Lee579.000
Valerie McCready577.000
Charles Floyd576.000
Reginald McCready568.000