Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - 0 - 2010-09-11
Chris Lott591.000
Robert Howell578.000
Daniel Croatto577.000
Kenneth Hart576.000
Julie Holcombe574.000
David Homewood572.000
Craig Rush570.000
Peter Males566.000
Chris Slevin561.000
David Coupe559.000
Karyn Homewood558.000
Emma Knights556.000
Paul Janicki553.000
David Harrington549.000
Neville Nitschke547.000
Mark Widdicombe539.000
Anthony Mewburn534.000
Herb Thomas533.000
Darren Hudson531.000
David Widdicombe529.000
Thomas Mewburn518.000
Mikhaela Janicki461.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2010-09-11
Richard Lightfoot597.000
Ernest Mulcahy596.000
Peter Males595.000
Patrick Wolfe595.000
Dean Romanoff594.000
Dennis Peacock594.000
David Homewood592.000
Stewart Bailey591.000
Ruth Mulcahy589.000
Julie Holcombe589.000
David Coupe588.000
Herb Thomas587.000
Martin Lee587.000
Andrew Ball586.000
Stanley Head586.000
Gwen Thomas585.000
David Ball585.000
Robert Ruediger583.000
John Kelly583.000
Darren Hudson576.000
Mikhaela Janicki575.000
Paul Janicki575.000
Chris Slevin574.000
Sam Diegmann573.000
Mark Widdicombe571.000
Matthew Irvine570.000
David Widdicombe570.000
Anthony Mewburn568.000
Daniel Croatto552.000