Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - 0 - 2008-02-25
David Ball590.000
Glenn Keogh586.000
Kenneth Hart586.000
Shaun Peirce585.000
Michael Young582.000
Dean Romanoff576.000
John Hart575.000
Stewart Dunn572.000
John MacKenzie571.000
Tim Dolphin571.000
Mark Drage565.000
Trevor Drage563.000
Ian Milton561.000
Darren Good559.000
Tony Nudl558.000
Trevor Lucas556.000
Paddy Morgan552.000
Garry Moody552.000
Jadranko Janda550.000
Peter McKay548.000
Reginald McCready546.000
Dianne Robertson516.000
James Whelan477.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2008-02-25
Brian Forth595.000
Dean Romanoff594.000
Janice Morgan593.000
Trevor Drage593.000
Mark Drage591.000
Shaun Peirce591.000
Michael Tucker588.000
Garry Moody586.000
Michael Kearns Jnr581.000
Reginald McCready573.000
Sue McLaren573.000
Keith Lucas573.000
Chloe Romanoff572.000
Ian Milton572.000
Martin Lee571.000
Peter McKay570.000
Kevin Beer568.000
Valerie McCready565.000
Kenneth Morriss555.000
Barbara Morriss523.000