Results - Database Edition

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50m Bench - Round 7 - 2009-03-01
Alan Collins600.000
Kenneth Hutchinson599.000
Richard Lightfoot599.000
Dennis Peacock598.000
David Pettifer598.000
Brittany Peirce597.000
Maxwell Bolwell597.000
Brian Forth597.000
Colin Wearne597.000
John Kelly596.000
Martin Lee596.000
Graham White596.000
Shaun Peirce596.000
Ken Baric595.000
Herb Thomas595.000
Valerie McCready594.000
Peter Kelly594.000
Rory Putko594.000
Michael Walker594.000
Kevin Beer593.000
Gwen Thomas593.000
Mathieu De Cicco593.000
David Sampson592.000
Karen Taylor590.000
Shayne Westblade589.000
Reginald McCready589.000
Graham Blake589.000
Maureen Rochow587.000
Peter Carroll587.000
Rodney Owen587.000
Stanley Head586.000
Jadranko Janda586.000
Monique Hustler585.000
Kevin James584.000
Keith Perkins583.000
Daniel Peters583.000
Joseph Clarke583.000
Kevin Smith582.000
David Homewood582.000
James Pollock582.000
Richard Wong581.000
Kieth Westblade579.000
Garry Moody579.000
Anthony Potts573.000
John Foulkes571.000
Raymond Rochow571.000
Nicholas White569.000
John Morris568.000
Geoffrey Taylor563.000
50m Bench - Round 1 - 2009-03-01
Richard Lightfoot600.000
Kenneth Hutchinson599.000
Brian Forth598.000
Dennis Peacock598.000
Martin Lee598.000
Brittany Peirce597.000
Ken Baric597.000
Alan Collins596.000
Graham White596.000
John Kelly596.000
Maxwell Bolwell596.000
David Pettifer596.000
Mathieu De Cicco595.000
Joseph Clarke595.000
Valerie McCready595.000
Rory Putko594.000
Rodney Owen594.000
Reginald McCready593.000
David Sampson592.000
Garry Moody592.000
Shaun Peirce592.000
Shayne Westblade592.000
Colin Wearne590.000
Michael Walker590.000
Kevin James589.000
Keith Perkins589.000
Karen Taylor589.000
Jadranko Janda589.000
Kevin Beer588.000
Graham Blake587.000
Daniel Peters587.000
Maureen Rochow587.000
Peter Kelly587.000
Nicholas White587.000
Kevin Smith586.000
Herb Thomas585.000
Richard Wong584.000
James Pollock583.000
Stanley Head582.000
Monique Hustler581.000
Kieth Westblade576.000
Geoffrey Taylor575.000
Gwen Thomas574.000
John Foulkes573.000
David Homewood573.000
Raymond Rochow571.000
Peter Carroll571.000
John Morris566.000
Anthony Potts558.000