Results - Database Edition

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10m Air Rifle - Round 2 - 2012-06-03
Susan Lott583.000
Timothy Braybon567.000
Lindsay Braybon562.000
Michael Jarrad557.000
Michelle Styles552.000
Chris Lott551.000
Neil Jenkins544.000
Michael McKernan539.000
Mathew Hall536.000
Christopher Nesnass534.000
Peter Kelley526.000
Barry MacFarlane525.000
Glenn Braybon518.000
Robert Richards517.000
Colin Brown516.000
Dianne Robertson504.000
Peter Alway499.000
Michael Lonergan487.000
Roderick Hill429.000
10m Air Rifle - Round 1 - 2012-06-03
Susan Lott588.000
Timothy Braybon577.000
Lindsay Braybon560.000
Michelle Styles560.000
Michael Jarrad557.000
Chris Lott554.000
Mathew Hall534.000
Christopher Nesnass532.000
Peter Kelley529.000
Dianne Robertson525.000
Michael McKernan523.000
Glenn Braybon518.000
Robert Richards512.000
Neil Jenkins510.000
Peter Alway509.000
Colin Brown497.000
Michael Lonergan496.000
Barry MacFarlane495.000
Roderick Hill394.000