Results - Database Edition

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10m Air Rifle - Round 2 - 2011-05-08
Susan Lott584.000
Timothy Braybon581.000
Chris Lott566.000
Michael Jarrad549.000
Samuel Foster547.000
Lindsay Braybon547.000
Neil Jenkins546.000
Janine Chick539.000
Christopher Nesnass534.000
Peter Kelley531.000
Robert Richards529.000
Dianne Robertson527.000
Barry MacFarlane526.000
Michael Lonergan523.000
Mathew Hall521.000
Francis Kilpatrick516.000
Glenn Braybon507.000
Dennis Peacock457.000
10m Air Rifle - Round 1 - 2011-05-08
Susan Lott585.000
Timothy Braybon583.000
Chris Lott555.000
Michael Jarrad554.000
Lindsay Braybon551.000
Mathew Hall550.000
Francis Kilpatrick545.000
Neil Jenkins542.000
Peter Kelley537.000
Samuel Foster535.000
Janine Chick534.000
Dianne Robertson525.000
Christopher Nesnass520.000
Glenn Braybon516.000
Michael Lonergan515.000
Barry MacFarlane509.000
Robert Richards509.000
Dennis Peacock453.000