Results - Database Edition

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10m Air Rifle - Round 2 - 2008-02-08
Susan Lott587.000
Timothy Braybon578.000
Steve Beneta577.000
Glenn Kelley576.000
George Petrik560.000
Dianne Robertson559.000
Samuel Elsmore554.000
Francis Kilpatrick544.000
Michael Jarrad537.000
Lindsay Braybon526.000
Michael Lonergan524.000
Peter Kelley520.000
Barry MacFarlane504.000
Darren Good477.000
Dean Romanoff470.000
Paddy Morgan453.000
Brett Fletcher447.000
Maxwell Bolwell423.000
Trevor Lucas377.000
10m Air Rifle - Round 1 - 2008-02-08
Susan Lott584.000
Timothy Braybon565.000
Samuel Elsmore563.000
Glenn Kelley562.000
Steve Beneta562.000
George Petrik559.000
Francis Kilpatrick541.000
Dianne Robertson533.000
Peter Kelley529.000
Lindsay Braybon528.000
Michael Lonergan512.000
Michael Jarrad507.000
Barry MacFarlane498.000
Darren Good476.000
Dean Romanoff468.000
Maxwell Bolwell463.000
Brett Fletcher446.000
Paddy Morgan427.000
Trevor Lucas374.000