Results - Database Edition

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50m Bench - Round 7 - 2008-02-08
Brian Forth599.000
John Kelly599.000
Maxwell Bolwell598.000
Janice Morgan597.000
Joseph Clarke597.000
Lauren Pollock596.000
Garry Moody594.000
Keith Perkins594.000
Dean Romanoff593.000
Sue McLaren589.000
Graham White589.000
Kevin James589.000
Brenda Girdlestone588.000
Monique Hustler588.000
Graham Blake588.000
Nathan Coles587.000
Michael Kearns Jnr586.000
Shane Hustler584.000
Julie Romanoff583.000
Gregory Tomorad580.000
Herb Thomas579.000
Peter Kelly578.000
Reginald McCready578.000
Valerie McCready577.000
Gwen Thomas577.000
Stanley Head576.000
Colin Wearne575.000
John Morris574.000
Kevin Beer572.000
Matthew Corneliusen571.000
Michael Tucker561.000
50m Bench - Round 1 - 2008-02-08
Joseph Clarke597.000
Dean Romanoff597.000
Maxwell Bolwell596.000
Graham White594.000
John Kelly594.000
Brian Forth594.000
Julie Romanoff593.000
Lauren Pollock592.000
Herb Thomas592.000
Nathan Coles591.000
Garry Moody589.000
Kevin James589.000
Keith Perkins588.000
Janice Morgan588.000
Gregory Tomorad587.000
Shane Hustler586.000
Michael Tucker586.000
Valerie McCready584.000
Colin Wearne583.000
Brenda Girdlestone583.000
Kevin Beer581.000
Gwen Thomas580.000
Stanley Head579.000
Michael Kearns Jnr576.000
Matthew Corneliusen576.000
Reginald McCready575.000
Monique Hustler571.000
Peter Kelly571.000
Graham Blake566.000
Sue McLaren562.000
John Morris559.000