Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Part 3 - 2017-10-22
Andrew Potter586.032
Chris Lott582.021
Craig Cameron578.023
Benjamin Holko577.028
Neil Davis576.020
Rachel Strik571.014
David Teo566.011
Nicolaas Strik565.016
Michael Davis562.020
Kai Ooi561.017
Mark Remington561.017
50m Bench - Part 3 - 2017-10-22
Darren Morgan597.048
Leo Maccora595.041
Henry Lieng595.039
Marise Maccora592.040
Annette Rowe592.033
50m Prone - Part 2 - 2017-10-22
Chris Lott594.033
Craig Cameron584.025
Michael Davis583.027
Andrew Potter581.029
Rachel Strik580.018
Benjamin Holko579.023
Neil Davis578.024
Kai Ooi568.012
Nicolaas Strik558.019
David Teo556.011
Mark Remington549.013
50m Bench - Part 2 - 2017-10-22
Henry Lieng599.048
Darren Morgan598.040
Leo Maccora597.050
Marise Maccora595.046
Annette Rowe595.041
50m Prone - Part 1 - 2017-10-22
Craig Cameron585.020
Andrew Potter582.029
Rachel Strik578.023
Neil Davis577.013
Benjamin Holko574.022
Chris Lott573.020
Michael Davis570.023
Kai Ooi564.018
David Teo563.018
Nicolaas Strik563.012
Mark Remington557.009
50m Bench - Part 1 - 2017-10-22
Darren Morgan598.050
Henry Lieng598.039
Leo Maccora596.046
Annette Rowe595.043
Marise Maccora593.038