Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Match 1 - 2017-09-10
Peter Males585.025
Kim Lang580.018
David Coupe578.023
Julie Holcombe578.023
Christopher Preston576.018
Dale Harris575.022
David Widdicombe573.022
Richard Bourke571.018
Thomas Mewburn571.014
Frank Watson566.020
Kenneth Oxley552.012
10m Air Rifle - Match 1 - 2017-09-10
Thomas Mewburn544.000
Dale Harris428.000
TRV 50m Bench - Match 1 - 2017-09-10
Ernest Mulcahy741.035
Suzanne Neeson740.025
Marise Maccora738.027
Janey Preston738.026
David Ball736.036
Suzane Bourke734.029
Ruth Mulcahy733.027
Christopher Preston732.021
Andrew Ball731.022
David Homewood731.020
Leo Maccora730.035
Richard Bourke729.030
Dennis Peacock725.023
Chris Karamoshos723.025
Courtney Karamoshos722.015
John Dick714.016
Kenneth Oxley705.020
Phillip Evans686.015
TRV 25m Air - Match 1 - 2017-09-10
Dennis Peacock718.014
David Homewood704.013
Kenneth Oxley699.000
David Ball690.005
John Dick604.002
10m Air Rifle Supported - Match 1 - 2017-09-10
Kim Lang581.000
Leo Maccora554.000
David Homewood552.000
Kenneth Oxley551.000
Marise Maccora532.000
John Dick530.000
50m Benchrest Class 1 - Match 1 - 2017-09-10
Frank Watson582.022
Chris Karamoshos579.023
Dennis Peacock577.030
Leo Maccora571.019
David Widdicombe568.015
Marise Maccora552.015