Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Day 1 - 2017-07-29
James Daly595.034
Chloe Romanoff584.028
Julie Holcombe577.021
David Coupe575.018
David Widdicombe574.018
Thomas Mewburn573.021
Lucy Romanoff573.015
Michael Johnson569.014
Benjamin Holko569.014
Richard Bourke567.019
Paul Janicki565.023
Kenneth Hart564.017
Kyle Janicki559.009
Darren Morgan556.011
Christopher Preston544.011
Rodney Peters419.001
Cameron Peters397.000
TRV 50m Bench - Day 1 - 2017-07-29
Andrew Ball741.033
Julie Holcombe740.028
David Ball739.025
Christopher Preston738.036
Darren Morgan736.033
Leo Maccora736.026
Courtney Karamoshos735.031
Trevor Clapp734.031
Chris Karamoshos731.029
Janey Preston730.030
Marise Maccora729.025
Dennis Peacock725.025
Suzanne Neeson720.016
Phillip Evans715.018
David Widdicombe673.010
50m Prone - Day 2 - 2017-07-30
James Daly595.039
Benjamin Holko583.025
Lucy Romanoff581.028
Chloe Romanoff581.019
David Coupe580.027
Thomas Mewburn580.020
Paul Janicki578.026
Julie Holcombe577.023
Kenneth Hart577.021
Christopher Preston566.023
David Widdicombe563.012
Darren Morgan562.013
Kyle Janicki560.014
Cameron Peters490.002
Rodney Peters454.004
TRV 50m Bench - Day 2 - 2017-07-30
Darren Morgan748.051
Janey Preston744.025
Christopher Preston742.040
Suzanne Neeson736.027
Chris Karamoshos735.036
Andrew Ball735.026
David Ball731.023
Courtney Karamoshos730.026
Leo Maccora730.023
Dennis Peacock728.028
Julie Holcombe728.024
Marise Maccora728.022
Trevor Clapp722.020
Phillip Evans714.023
David Widdicombe660.011