Results - Database Edition

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20m Prone - Match 1 - 2017-06-10
Jacqueline Hatzigiannis599.039
James Daly598.049
Chris Lott596.028
Thomas Mewburn593.030
Craig Cameron592.031
Tim Butler591.029
Peter Eyers591.024
Dale Harris586.024
John Hatzigiannis580.014
Don Gowland579.020
Timothy Meager571.019
Dakota McGurgen571.015
Donald Andrews566.009
Kenneth Oxley560.011
Frank Watson560.010
Paul Golden553.011
Jia McGurgen537.010
50m Bench - Match 1 - 2017-06-10
John Dick599.041
Roy Helbig598.051
Jeremy Hensgen598.050
Ernest Mulcahy598.050
David Yudkin598.048
Ruth Mulcahy598.045
Kenneth Wilson598.035
Beth Garland597.050
Mark Cresp597.050
John Gallo597.047
Daniel McGurgen597.044
Kenneth Oxley597.043
David Klemm597.041
Andrew Ball596.046
Graham Bickerdike596.042
Linda Curran596.038
Yvonne Gowland595.048
Alan Collins595.040
Len Scroop595.038
Bronwyn Yudkin595.037
Darryl Gray595.036
Lee Pettit594.039
Paul Reed593.039
David Ball592.039
Terry Curran591.040
Jia McGurgen591.039
Brian Houlihan591.039
Dakota McGurgen591.036
Sandra Houlihan591.031
Tina Cameron587.034
Peter Gurney585.024
Jason Ritter584.032
Lyn Hornsby568.021
Michael Woods568.016
PPP (3x20) - Match 1 - 2017-06-10
Chris Lott560.015
Thomas Mewburn509.011
Paul Golden460.005
20m Air Bench - Match 1 - 2017-06-10
Tony Adams575.011
David Yudkin574.005
Kenneth Oxley564.006
Alan Collins564.005
Bronwyn Yudkin563.005
David Ball562.005
Lee Pettit554.006
John Dick550.003
Andrew Ball547.008
Jason Ritter504.000
50m Prone - Match 1 - 2017-06-11
James Daly594.033
Chris Lott587.025
Tim Butler586.021
Peter Eyers583.025
Thomas Mewburn583.021
Craig Cameron582.024
Jacqueline Hatzigiannis580.023
Dale Harris577.023
Don Gowland571.018
John Hatzigiannis566.015
Dakota McGurgen553.007
Timothy Meager547.012
Donald Andrews547.007
Paul Golden537.007
Frank Watson532.012
Kenneth Oxley529.005
Jia McGurgen523.003
10m Air Rifle - Match 1 - 2017-06-11
Susan Lott590.030
Chris Lott567.024
Jacqueline Hatzigiannis551.007
Thomas Mewburn541.012
Jason Ritter410.003
10m Air Rifle Supported - Match 1 - 2017-06-11
Tony Adams584.029
Kenneth Oxley544.011
Lee Pettit541.016
Lyn Hornsby541.011
Paul Golden536.009
Jason Ritter534.007
John Dick519.007
20m Bench - Match 1 - 2017-06-11
John Gallo599.023
Mark Cresp598.034
Kenneth Wilson597.023
Daniel McGurgen597.023
Roy Helbig597.022
Beth Garland597.019
Ruth Mulcahy597.014
David Klemm596.028
Jeremy Hensgen596.022
David Yudkin596.020
Yvonne Gowland596.020
David Ball596.014
Darryl Gray595.023
Graham Bickerdike594.021
Terry Curran594.010
John Dick591.016
Bronwyn Yudkin590.026
Andrew Ball590.018
Sandra Houlihan590.016
Dakota McGurgen590.015
Lee Pettit590.014
Jia McGurgen589.016
Alan Collins588.016
Ernest Mulcahy587.014
Paul Reed585.019
Tina Cameron582.012
Peter Gurney581.010
Len Scroop579.015
Linda Curran579.007
Brian Houlihan575.008
Kenneth Oxley571.006
Lyn Hornsby568.006
Jason Ritter565.008
Michael Woods548.004