Results - Database Edition

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TRV 25m Air - Round 1 - 2017-05-20
Dennis Peacock732.017
Max Joiner725.018
Barbara Thornely714.015
Rodger Brooks708.010
Chris Karamoshos706.011
50m Prone - Match 1 - 2017-05-21
Xavier McLaurin593.035
Daniel Croatto589.035
Chloe Romanoff584.028
Neil Davis577.025
Michael Davis576.024
Peter Males576.020
Chris Lott576.019
Sean Finn575.024
Andrew Potter575.024
John Hopkins574.014
Dean Romanoff572.019
Lucy Romanoff568.017
Benjamin Holko566.018
Blade Lacey564.016
Kai Ooi563.017
Mark Remington553.014
Darren Morgan553.012
Henry Lieng542.011
10m Air Rifle - Match 1 - 2017-05-21
Susan Lott578.029
Michael Davis577.028
Chris Lott562.015
Sean Finn553.014
Neil Davis549.014
Kai Ooi532.010
TRV 50m Bench - Match 1 - 2017-05-21
Darren Morgan745.043
Brian Kent-Hughes744.035
Chris Karamoshos738.027
Henry Lieng738.027
Andrew Ball736.029
Courtney Karamoshos735.033
David Ball735.029
Suzanne Neeson731.028
Dennis Peacock727.026
Barbara Thornely716.020
10m Air Rifle Supported - Match 1 - 2017-05-21
Max Joiner592.038
Rodger Brooks590.033
Beth Melton582.029
Valerie McCready571.027
Maddy Melton563.019