Results - Database Edition

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PPP (3x40) - Match 1 - 2017-04-13
Chris Lott1127.000
Michael Davis1097.000
PPP (3x20) - Match 1 - 2017-04-14
Chris Lott557.000
Michael Davis541.000
Cain East514.000
10m Air Rifle 60 Shot (Dec) - Match 1 - 2017-04-14
Michael Davis603.700
Cain East597.000
Chris Lott592.100
Neil Davis557.500
20m Prone - Match 1 - 2017-04-16
Chloe Romanoff599.043
James Daly599.039
Chris Lott596.033
John Hopkins593.024
Benjamin Holko590.030
Daniel Croatto588.032
Stephen Zunker586.027
Rachel Strik586.025
Craig Cameron582.024
Dean Romanoff578.022
Nicolaas Strik573.014
Lucy Romanoff567.011
50m Prone (Dec) - Day 1 - 2017-04-16
James Daly622.100
Daniel Croatto616.200
Stephen Zunker615.500
Chris Lott614.800
Andrew Potter610.700
Rachel Strik607.800
Chloe Romanoff607.700
Neil Davis606.200
Cain East603.600
Michael Davis599.900
Craig Cameron599.200
Benjamin Holko594.000
Dean Romanoff593.800
Nicolaas Strik593.800
Darren Morgan593.200
John Hopkins589.700
Lucy Romanoff577.000
Mark Remington568.500
50m Prone (Dec) - Day 2 - 2017-04-17
Chloe Romanoff618.800
Rachel Strik616.000
Daniel Croatto614.700
James Daly613.300
John Hopkins610.900
Chris Lott610.700
Stephen Zunker608.400
Cain East605.100
Andrew Potter600.800
Craig Cameron598.900
Michael Davis596.400
Neil Davis596.000
Benjamin Holko596.000
Nicolaas Strik594.500
Dean Romanoff592.800
Darren Morgan591.800
Lucy Romanoff585.500
Mark Remington558.500