Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Day 1 - 2016-10-08
Chloe Romanoff589.032
Daniel Croatto587.030
James Daly580.026
Xavier McLaurin580.026
Kenneth Hart579.022
Peter Males575.015
Dean Romanoff573.022
Craig Cameron567.015
Rachel Strik565.024
Lindsay Braybon565.022
Angus Hill564.020
Michael Davis563.016
Lucy Romanoff563.014
Simon Noonan562.014
David Pettifer561.013
Cain East557.016
Phillip Deegan557.014
Neil Davis554.018
Darren Morgan547.016
Kenneth Oxley534.006
Nicolaas Strik521.006
50m Bench - Day 1 - 2016-10-08
Rebecca Dickson597.044
Darren Morgan597.036
Ruth Mulcahy596.037
Richard Lightfoot595.044
Annette Rowe595.042
Peter Males594.039
Leo Maccora594.036
Ernest Mulcahy594.035
Michael Walker593.038
Brian Houlihan591.027
Kenneth Oxley590.038
Michael Lonergan590.034
Marise Maccora588.033
Ronald Hamilton587.029
Phillip Deegan584.030
Gregory Orr584.029
John Dick582.026
Shirley Smith577.026
Tina Cameron564.017
50m Prone - Day 2 - 2016-10-09
James Daly595.042
Daniel Croatto586.032
Peter Males582.021
Simon Noonan573.022
Craig Cameron570.017
David Pettifer569.015
Angus Hill568.024
Blade Lacey564.017
Rachel Strik563.017
Phillip Deegan561.012
Glen Miles553.015
Darren Morgan553.008
Nicolaas Strik515.005
TRV 50m Bench - Match 1 - 2016-10-09
Richard Lightfoot731.029
Ernest Mulcahy731.019
Leo Maccora724.024
Rebecca Dickson721.027
Darren Morgan720.023
Vincent Anderson717.016
Dennis Peacock714.017
Marise Maccora712.020
Annette Rowe710.016
Henry Lieng709.018
Ruth Mulcahy709.016
Gregory Orr705.023
Kenneth Hart703.014
Brian Houlihan700.014
Michael Walker700.011
Bernie Noonan698.011
John Dick697.008
Phillip Deegan696.017
Angelo De Cicco691.014
Kenneth Oxley687.016
Shirley Smith663.008
Ronald Hamilton660.019
Tina Cameron641.009