Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Match 1 - 2016-09-11
Chris Lott586.033
Thomas Mewburn583.026
Kenneth Hart582.023
Daniel Crawford580.023
Julie Holcombe573.025
Peter Males572.020
Dale Harris568.019
Lucy Romanoff567.017
Sean Finn566.017
Peter Cay562.015
Darren Morgan549.013
Kenneth Oxley548.018
Matthew Krelle545.008
10m Air Rifle - Match 1 - 2016-09-11
Chris Lott567.021
Sean Finn547.017
Thomas Mewburn537.012
TRV 50m Bench - Match 1 - 2016-09-11
Richard Lightfoot745.039
Graham Bickerdike742.035
Darren Morgan735.031
Marise Maccora732.029
Robert Reed731.027
Suzanne Neeson728.022
Laurence Hare728.019
Chris Karamoshos724.019
David Ball723.023
David Homewood721.021
Heather Bailey719.025
Ronald Hamilton718.025
Courtney Karamoshos716.023
Brian Houlihan714.022
John Dick711.019
Stewart Bailey711.017
Dennis Peacock710.022
Kenneth Oxley710.020
Kenneth Hart708.021
Leo Maccora691.021
TRV 25m Air - Match 1 - 2016-09-11
Richard Lightfoot708.019
Dennis Peacock706.014
Marise Maccora689.018
Leo Maccora687.008
Robert Reed683.008
10m Air Rifle Supported - Match 1 - 2016-09-11
Kenneth Hart582.031
Beth Melton572.027
David Homewood555.016
Robert Reed555.016
Chris Karamoshos551.014
John Dick488.005