Results - Database Edition

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20m Prone - Match 1 - 2016-05-08
James Daly596.041
Michael Brown596.036
Daniel Crawford595.029
Kate Ebbott594.025
Peter Males593.029
Lindsay Musgrave592.024
George Holden590.023
Gary Ellis590.021
Mitchell Brown589.025
Vito Di Pasquale589.022
Jacob Cooper588.026
Barry MacFarlane587.023
Roderick Williams586.027
Luke Crozier586.023
David McLay584.024
John MacKenzie583.023
Andrew Cope583.019
Gregory Tomorad583.013
Michael Lonergan582.026
Laura Crozier582.018
John Denton581.017
Rodney Pearson580.023
Darren Crozier580.018
Peter Farley580.011
Trevor Lucas578.011
John McMaster577.025
Duncan Prince576.021
Ian Milton575.012
Trevor Jones573.014
Tony Nudl572.013
Gavin Baker571.017
Thomas Templeman570.011
Neil Jeffery570.009
Loris Rossit569.012
Christopher Jolme568.020
Michael Di Pasquale565.012
Paul Allinson565.005
Edward Cormie564.010
Lachlan Smith562.017
Henry Lieng562.015
Rodger Brooks561.007
Kenneth Oxley560.013
Ezio (Des) Bortolin559.012
Gavin Tan556.009
Matthew Krelle544.005
Paul Rusic542.005
William Millar538.007
Richard Manzin530.005
Chinhduc Nguyen530.004
Dianne Robertson527.006