Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Match 1 - 2016-01-23
Chris Lott586.027
James Daly585.033
Kenneth Hart585.022
Neil Davis584.031
Vito Di Pasquale583.032
Richard Bourke582.027
Stephen Zunker582.018
Paul Janicki580.020
Michael Young579.020
David Coupe579.020
Sean Finn578.023
Xavier McLaurin577.020
Thomas Mewburn576.019
Peter Males575.023
Darren Crozier574.020
Dean Romanoff574.016
Peter Farley573.023
Michael Lonergan572.016
Daniel Croatto571.023
Chloe Romanoff569.017
Luke Crozier568.013
Michael Davis562.016
Kyle Janicki559.015
Laura Crozier559.014
Gregory Tomorad557.014
Emma Knights546.008
Kevin Corneliusen543.008
Lucy Romanoff538.005
Maxwell Bolwell518.004
Nathan Chadban513.003
50m Bench - Match 1 - 2016-01-23
Kevin Corneliusen599.054
David Ball597.045
Gerhard Maya596.046
Richard Lightfoot596.045
Peter Males595.042
Kenneth Hart595.041
Liam Keegan595.039
Michael Di Pasquale594.044
William Maginn594.038
Colin Beard594.036
Richard Bourke592.038
Brendan Maginn592.035
Vito Di Pasquale590.041
Addison Danger590.039
Maurice Keegan590.031
Ronald Hamilton589.029
Robert Reed588.032
Peter Farley588.030
Peter McCashney586.033
Michael Lonergan581.032
Andrew Ball580.026
Stanley Head577.022
John Dick564.015
90m Prone - Match 1 - 2016-01-24
James Daly582.010
Richard Bourke581.007
Stephen Zunker575.009
Chloe Romanoff572.010
Sean Finn572.008
Daniel Croatto568.008
Michael Young568.005
Thomas Mewburn568.005
Kevin Corneliusen568.001
Paul Janicki566.002
Michael Davis563.003
Neil Davis561.006
Dean Romanoff559.005
Emma Knights558.002
Kyle Janicki557.005
Darren Crozier556.004
Laura Crozier553.003
Peter Males550.005
Kai Ooi548.003
Maxwell Bolwell547.002
Nathan Chadban540.004
Lucy Romanoff536.002
Kate Ebbott534.001
Matthew Krelle452.000
90m Bench - Match 1 - 2016-01-24
Richard Bourke589.011
Gerhard Maya589.008
Ronald Hamilton585.013
Chris Karamoshos585.012
Andrew Ball585.011
William Maginn585.006
David Ball584.008
Kevin Corneliusen583.009
Colin Beard581.009
Maurice Keegan579.018
Brendan Maginn576.004
Maxwell Bolwell572.006
Martin Lee568.007
Liam Keegan554.003
Stanley Head549.005