Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Match 1 - 2015-10-31
John Mighall594.039
Daniel Croatto589.035
Gregory Tomorad581.025
Dean Romanoff580.025
Mark Walters578.027
Graham Glanville576.027
Trevor Jones575.012
Geoffrey Young574.026
Lucinda Bennett572.021
Angela Breeze567.315
Peter Kelley567.017
Christopher Jolme567.017
Nick Scott565.016
Michelle Glanville562.009
Jorjeana Anderson561.014
Kevin Corneliusen560.013
Jack Sargant559.011
Robert Spratt557.012
Christopher Sargant554.017
Stanley Samiec547.009
Peter Anderson545.011
Joel Taylor545.010
Mathew Eldridge543.007
Alan Gregory539.009
John Lowe539.006
Damien Oliver537.008
William (Bill) Astill536.010
Phillip Deegan536.010
Lyn Ruff528.009
Lauren Frost526.008