Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Part 3 - 2015-10-24
Neil Davis590.023
Michael Young589.034
Paul Janicki587.029
Thomas Mewburn586.028
Daniel Croatto586.025
Euan Gibson584.024
Richard Bourke576.028
Michael Davis576.021
Kyle Janicki562.014
Kevin Corneliusen560.014
Michael Jorgensen547.012
Rachel Strik545.009
50m Prone - Part 2 - 2015-10-24
Michael Young588.034
Daniel Croatto583.025
Euan Gibson582.028
Thomas Mewburn581.028
Paul Janicki581.023
Richard Bourke580.027
Darren Crozier578.025
Neil Davis578.021
Luke Crozier566.015
Kevin Corneliusen563.011
Rachel Strik562.021
Michael Davis561.023
Michael Jorgensen559.018
Laura Crozier552.013
Kyle Janicki542.012
TRV 50m Bench - Part 2 - 2015-10-24
Gerhard Maya736.025
Chris Karamoshos732.025
Colin Beard729.026
Phillip Deegan724.023
Kevin Corneliusen720.019
50m Prone - Part 1 - 2015-10-24
Daniel Croatto593.039
Richard Bourke585.030
Euan Gibson583.031
Michael Young583.028
Paul Janicki581.027
Thomas Mewburn580.026
Darren Crozier580.024
Neil Davis575.034
Michael Davis571.020
Luke Crozier568.021
Kevin Corneliusen563.009
Michael Jorgensen559.014
Laura Crozier556.014
Kyle Janicki551.008
Rachel Strik549.012
TRV 50m Bench - Part 1 - 2015-10-24
Colin Beard742.044
Gerhard Maya740.022
Phillip Deegan738.029
Kevin Corneliusen708.015
50m Prone - Part 4 - 2015-10-25
Euan Gibson589.033
Daniel Croatto588.032
Michael Young583.021
Neil Davis582.029
Thomas Mewburn575.025
Richard Bourke573.015
Paul Janicki568.025
Kevin Corneliusen561.013
Michael Davis560.019
Michael Jorgensen555.013
Kyle Janicki546.012
Rachel Strik546.012
TRV 50m Bench - Part 4 - 2015-10-25
Gerhard Maya744.029
Chris Karamoshos737.032
Jared Fletcher726.026
Phillip Deegan713.018
Kevin Corneliusen705.018
TRV 50m Bench - Part 3 - 2015-10-25
Gerhard Maya736.028
Phillip Deegan721.020
Jared Fletcher721.014
Chris Karamoshos716.023
Kevin Corneliusen714.020