Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Day 1 - 2015-10-10
Stephen Zunker587.028
Xavier McLaurin584.025
Kenneth Hart583.026
Chris Lott583.021
Paul Janicki580.024
Jeffrey Newham580.023
David Pettifer574.023
Craig Cameron574.022
Angus Hill568.029
Lindsay Braybon565.010
Peter Males563.017
Vincent Anderson563.012
Simon Noonan549.012
Kyle Janicki548.010
TRV 50m Bench - Day 1 - 2015-10-10
Annette Rowe738.018
Gerhard Maya736.026
Richard Lightfoot735.027
Graham Bickerdike730.028
Bernie Noonan727.018
Ian Puckey723.023
Vincent Anderson717.019
Jeffrey Newham710.020
Ronald Hamilton692.026
Kenneth Hart675.018
50m Prone - Day 2 - 2015-10-11
Chris Lott588.030
Stephen Zunker586.026
Paul Janicki574.019
Peter Males572.024
Vincent Anderson564.015
Simon Noonan562.015
David Pettifer562.009
Kyle Janicki537.015
TRV 50m Bench - Day 2 - 2015-10-11
Richard Lightfoot744.039
Ronald Hamilton740.036
Gerhard Maya739.027
Annette Rowe737.027
Bernie Noonan733.028
David Pettifer729.022
Jeffrey Newham726.025
Vincent Anderson724.019
Izac Ferguson711.025
John Spence675.008
Reginald McCready669.019