Results - Database Edition

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TRV 50m Bench - Match 1 - 2015-07-12
Adrian Williams750.049
Chris Karamoshos744.033
Michael Di Pasquale742.035
Gerhard Maya739.036
Alan Taylor739.027
Neil Wheatley737.030
Addison Danger736.045
Alan Collins735.029
Gregory Tomorad734.023
John Dick733.032
Ronald Hamilton732.028
Alan Lazarus731.026
Raymond Knight730.025
Peter McCashney728.030
Lee Pettit728.022
Vito Di Pasquale724.025
Heather Bailey721.026
Allan Ross717.014
William Ross714.023
Laurence Hare714.021
Loris Rossit713.015
Phillip Deegan706.020
Jenna Geitenbeek704.015
Ian Milton697.014
Michael Brown697.007
Cameron Jeffs685.016