Results - Database Edition

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20m Prone - Match 1 - 2015-06-06
Peter Eyers600.038
Chris Lott596.043
Jason Lowe595.030
Paul Janicki594.031
Neil Davis592.029
Robin Fleming591.033
Debbie Lowe589.028
Sue Carlyon589.025
Peter Males587.028
Craig Cameron585.022
Tim Butler584.030
Jacqueline Hatzigiannis584.024
Michael Davis583.020
Carlos Chambers582.029
John Hatzigiannis581.024
Alex Cameron581.021
Gelsomina Piccirillo577.022
David Widdicombe577.020
Don Gowland577.013
Antoine Wurfel572.019
Thomas Mewburn569.016
Frank Watson566.015
Dale Harris560.007
Kenneth Oxley559.010
Kyle Janicki559.009
Peter Carroll558.011
PPP (3x20) - Match 1 - 2015-06-06
Chris Lott564.020
Carlos Chambers510.012
Paul Janicki483.000
Michael Davis479.004
Antoine Wurfel476.003
Kyle Janicki413.000
TRV 25m Air - Match 1 - 2015-06-06
Gerhard Maya733.021
Richard Lightfoot727.020
Robert Reed717.015
50m Prone - Match 1 - 2015-06-07
Peter Eyers589.036
Chris Lott588.030
Debbie Lowe587.028
Jason Lowe585.030
Robin Fleming582.023
Paul Janicki581.032
Thomas Mewburn580.026
Tim Butler579.023
Jacqueline Hatzigiannis577.021
Craig Cameron576.020
Sue Carlyon575.021
Peter Males574.024
Gelsomina Piccirillo574.016
Neil Davis573.023
Alex Cameron573.020
Carlos Chambers568.024
Don Gowland567.016
David Widdicombe564.016
Frank Watson562.015
Kyle Janicki557.014
Michael Davis555.010
John Hatzigiannis552.012
Dale Harris550.012
Kenneth Oxley538.009
10m Air Rifle - Match 1 - 2015-06-07
Susan Lott591.000
Chris Lott568.000
Sue Carlyon566.000
Neil Davis539.000
Jacqueline Hatzigiannis538.000
Alex Cameron520.000
Antoine Wurfel512.000
Thomas Mewburn501.000
Carlos Chambers497.000
Craig Cameron492.000
Kyle Janicki489.000
Michael Davis482.000
Paul Janicki450.000
TRV 50m Bench - Match 1 - 2015-06-07
David Keen742.039
David Klemm739.041
Paul Reed739.030
Darryl Gray739.029
Vanessa Tierney738.036
Kenneth Wilson738.032
David Yudkin734.028
Graham Bickerdike734.024
Jeff Summers733.020
Richard Harvey732.028
Richard Lightfoot732.026
Gerhard Maya732.024
Frank Watson731.027
Addison Danger729.030
Robin Fleming727.018
Len Scroop722.022
Ken Baric722.020
Alan Collins718.018
Jason Ritter717.025
Kenneth Oxley716.025
Dale Harris713.018
Yvonne Gowland701.019
Graham Blake700.019
Robert Reed683.017
Reginald McCready683.016
10m Air Rifle Supported - Match 1 - 2015-06-07
Valerie McCready559.000
Gerhard Maya557.000
Michael Davis556.000
Robert Reed545.000