Results - Database Edition

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TRV 50m Bench - Part 2 - 2015-04-10
Colin Beard749.057
Kevin Corneliusen748.045
Richard Lightfoot746.038
Alan Taylor745.037
John Gallo744.038
Chris Karamoshos743.037
Laurence Hare742.045
Annette Rowe739.038
Michael Di Pasquale739.035
Alan Collins738.029
Raymond Knight738.029
Vito Di Pasquale737.032
Gerhard Maya737.029
Peter McCashney735.024
Rodger Brooks734.037
Trevor Jones734.032
Addison Danger733.035
Graham Bickerdike733.025
John Dick731.032
Colin Workman730.027
Alan Lazarus730.025
Phillip Deegan729.028
Darren Vance729.027
Neil Wheatley725.025
Max Joiner724.029
Neville Nitschke724.022
Heather Bailey723.022
Stewart Bailey722.024
Jennifer Turkovic719.017
Joanna Mauger719.016
Lynn Durston717.019
David Rowe716.025
David Homewood715.020
Lee Pettit712.023
William Ross707.013
Darryl Mauger702.010
Jenna Geitenbeek695.017
Allan Ross693.009
Kenneth Oxley670.012
Ethan Donnelly417.003
TRV 50m Bench - Part 1 - 2015-04-10
Colin Beard750.045
Kevin Corneliusen747.042
Phillip Deegan746.038
Michael Di Pasquale745.040
Gerhard Maya743.041
Chris Karamoshos743.040
Alan Collins743.031
John Gallo743.029
Max Joiner742.036
Trevor Jones741.035
Annette Rowe740.039
Addison Danger740.026
Alan Taylor738.037
Graham Bickerdike738.032
Richard Lightfoot736.042
Vito Di Pasquale734.037
Laurence Hare734.031
Joanna Mauger734.029
Neil Wheatley733.025
Alan Lazarus732.029
Neville Nitschke731.022
Heather Bailey730.021
Lynn Durston729.024
Peter McCashney728.026
Raymond Knight728.022
Darryl Mauger725.024
John Dick723.017
William Ross722.020
Lee Pettit722.018
Stewart Bailey720.024
Colin Workman716.025
Rodger Brooks716.021
David Homewood716.019
Allan Ross710.018
Kenneth Oxley709.015
David Rowe706.013
Jennifer Turkovic704.016
Darren Vance697.010
Jenna Geitenbeek687.013
Owen Donnelly558.002
Ethan Donnelly452.003