Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Day 1 - 2014-10-11
Chris Lott590.024
James Daly588.024
Kenneth Hart584.028
Neil Davis581.028
Daniel Croatto579.028
Xavier McLaurin578.022
Michael Jarrad577.025
Lindsay Braybon575.023
David Pettifer575.018
Alex Cameron572.015
Michael Davis571.017
Paul Janicki570.017
Vincent Anderson569.017
Craig Cameron568.017
Angus Hill566.016
Jeffrey Newham566.015
Peter Males561.015
Darren Nicholson557.009
Carlos Chambers553.009
Kyle Janicki510.006
TRV 50m Bench - Day 1 - 2014-10-11
John Gallo745.039
Richard Lightfoot740.030
Graham Bickerdike739.035
Gerhard Maya737.033
Vincent Anderson737.027
Kyle Janicki734.032
Bernie Noonan725.026
Craig Cameron725.021
Kim Millar725.020
Paul Janicki722.016
Maurice Keegan721.017
Liam Keegan715.015
Tina Cameron709.017
Jeffrey Newham705.021
Daniel Croatto705.015
Carlos Chambers679.011
John Spence598.006
50m Prone - Day 2 - 2014-10-12
Chris Lott589.030
James Daly585.028
Michael Jarrad584.032
Daniel Croatto584.031
David Pettifer581.028
Angus Hill580.018
Peter Males575.023
Craig Cameron572.023
Paul Janicki568.012
Vincent Anderson561.017
Jeffrey Newham548.010
Darren Nicholson545.015
Carlos Chambers540.009
Kyle Janicki532.006
TRV 50m Bench - Day 2 - 2014-10-12
Graham Bickerdike747.041
Gerhard Maya744.039
Richard Lightfoot742.040
Kim Millar740.032
Vincent Anderson739.027
Jay De Cicco732.025
Bernie Noonan732.024
Liam Keegan729.028
Kyle Janicki725.021
Gayle McConnell725.017
Vicki Findlay719.019
Daniel Croatto716.023
Zachary Findlay712.019
Reginald McCready710.019
Richard McConnell710.017
Paul Janicki710.016
Maurice Keegan708.014
Carlos Chambers683.012
Jeffrey Newham675.013