Results - Database Edition

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20m Prone - Match 1 - 2014-08-02
Daniel Croatto596.029
Chris Lott594.018
James Daly591.033
Adrian Bourke591.018
Neil Davis585.023
Cameron Paterson585.018
Richard Bourke582.019
Phillip Deegan579.019
Michael Davis574.010
Rodger Brooks565.015
Robert Reed549.102
Chris Bourke533.003
PPP (3x20) - Match 1 - 2014-08-02
Chris Lott558.019
James Daly536.014
Peter Kelley501.010
TRV 50m Bench - Day 1 - 2014-08-02
Gerhard Maya737.027
Rodger Brooks734.030
Max Joiner732.021
Kevin Corneliusen722.017
Richard Bourke706.020
Suzane Bourke702.012
Robert Marshall698.015
Phillip Deegan666.009
John Kennedy664.012
Richard Underwood646.008
TRV 50m Bench - Day 2 - 2014-08-03
Max Joiner742.028
Rodger Brooks739.034
Gerhard Maya730.025
Kevin Corneliusen730.020
Phillip Deegan727.023
Richard Bourke716.025
Robert Marshall715.016
Trevor Jones714.024
Suzane Bourke713.019
John Kennedy694.016
Robert Reed653.008
Richard Underwood109.001
50m Prone - Match 1 - 2014-08-03
Chris Lott595.029
Neil Davis583.025
Daniel Croatto580.026
Cameron Paterson579.021
Phillip Deegan578.026
Peter Kelley578.017
Richard Bourke577.021
James Daly574.019
Trevor Jones573.023
Angus Hill571.019
Adrian Bourke566.021
Christopher Foster566.016
Craig Cameron563.015
Michael Davis560.013
Dianne Robertson546.009
Mitchel Brady543.012
Rodger Brooks538.014
Robert Reed538.011
Chris Bourke520.005
10m Air Rifle - Match 1 - 2014-08-03
Chris Lott565.000
James Daly553.000
Zac Sirianni549.000
Christopher Foster522.000
Peter Kelley521.000
Neil Davis505.000
Cameron Paterson489.000
Craig Cameron481.000
Dianne Robertson459.000
Michael Davis424.000
Robert Reed396.000
10m Air Rifle Supported - Match 1 - 2014-08-03
Gerhard Maya551.000
Michael Davis540.000
Max Joiner518.000