Results - Database Edition

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10m Air Rifle - Match 1 - 2014-05-24
Chris Lott563.000
James Daly562.000
Michael Jarrad557.000
Neil Davis517.000
David Coupe457.000
Michael Davis381.000
TRV 25m Air - Match 1 - 2014-05-24
Lynn Durston725.022
Dennis Peacock723.019
Chris Karamoshos723.016
Gerhard Maya720.021
Richard Lightfoot720.017
Suzanne Neeson719.014
Patrick Wolfe718.013
Vito Di Pasquale713.013
Max Joiner712.010
Michael Di Pasquale710.015
Kyle Janicki702.012
Paul Janicki698.007
David Coupe648.004
10m Air Rifle Supported - Match 1 - 2014-05-24
David Coupe558.000
Valerie McCready557.000
Gerhard Maya554.000
Syd Garvey519.000
Michael Davis490.000
50m Prone - Match 1 - 2014-05-25
Chris Lott590.024
James Daly588.026
Michael Jarrad587.024
Daniel Croatto582.031
Xavier McLaurin580.026
Paul Janicki578.021
Neil Davis578.018
Michael Young577.021
Euan Gibson571.017
David Coupe568.015
Roderick Williams566.016
Peter Males564.018
Vito Di Pasquale564.017
Russell Croser564.015
Michael Davis550.011
Emma Croser544.011
Gavin Tan541.012
Kyle Janicki434.001
TRV 50m Bench - Match 1 - 2014-05-25
Kim Millar748.043
Richard Lightfoot744.037
Chris Karamoshos741.039
Gerhard Maya739.029
Suzanne Neeson737.033
Graham Bickerdike737.031
Ernest Mulcahy737.028
Brendan Maginn736.027
Max Joiner735.027
Maurice Keegan732.029
Martin Lee727.028
Peter Males727.026
Paul Janicki725.023
Michael Di Pasquale720.019
Lynn Durston717.023
Liam Keegan714.010
Colin Beard713.018
Michael Davis711.015
William Maginn705.020
Kyle Janicki688.017