Results - Database Edition

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TRV 50m Bench - Match 1 - 2013-05-18
Richard Lightfoot747.040
Max Joiner741.033
Annette Rowe740.039
Gerhard Maya740.025
Lucy Romanoff737.035
David Cominie734.028
Kim Millar730.033
Syd Garvey722.026
Martin Lee722.024
Brendan Maginn717.024
Lynn Durston704.012
TRV 25m Air - Match 1 - 2013-05-18
Richard Lightfoot735.023
Annette Rowe732.019
Lynn Durston729.020
Patrick Wolfe719.015
Kim Millar713.013
Max Joiner705.013
Syd Garvey705.009
David Cominie692.011
50m Prone - Match 1 - 2013-05-19
Carl Thomas540.000
50m Prone - 0 - 2013-05-19
Michael Jarrad587.000
David Coupe587.000
Xavier McLaurin585.000
Peter Males582.000
Andrew Cocks581.000
Jordie Burgess579.000
Iain Sedgman577.000
Dean Romanoff575.000
Neil Davis574.000
Roderick Williams573.000
Daniel Croatto573.000
Zac Sirianni570.000
David Comben566.000
Craig Cameron563.000
Alex Cameron560.000
Vito Di Pasquale553.000
Dean Newlan546.000
50m Bench - 0 - 2013-05-19
Gerhard Maya600.000
Patrick Wolfe600.000
Annette Rowe599.000
Richard Lightfoot599.000
Graham Bickerdike598.000
Daniel Croatto598.000
Kim Millar597.000
Max Joiner596.000
John Gallo596.000
Peter Males595.000
Martin Lee594.000
Angelo Nitsis594.000
Lucy Romanoff594.000
Rodney Izard593.000
Shane Coupe590.000
David Coupe590.000
Brendan Maginn589.000
Lynn Durston588.000
Christopher Speedie585.000
10m Air Rifle - 0 - 2013-05-19
Michael Jarrad556.000
Andrew Cocks543.000
Neil Davis522.000
Christopher Nesnass519.000
Iain Sedgman442.000