Results - Database Edition

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50m Prone - Day 1 - 2014-04-20
Michael Jarrad589.000
James Daly589.000
Janine Chick588.000
Chris Lott587.000
Richard Bourke582.000
Russell Croser580.000
Kenneth Hart578.000
Darren Crozier577.000
Xavier McLaurin575.000
Paul Janicki573.000
John Hopkins573.000
Cameron Paterson570.000
David Coupe570.000
Dean Romanoff569.000
Christopher Foster568.000
Antoine Wurfel567.000
Chloe Romanoff567.000
Alex Cameron564.000
Craig Cameron563.000
Trevor Drage559.000
Emma Croser557.000
Luke Crozier531.000
Kyle Janicki507.000
50m Prone - Day 2 - 2014-04-21
James Daly582.000
Xavier McLaurin578.000
Chris Lott577.000
Janine Chick577.000
Michael Jarrad577.000
Paul Janicki574.000
Chloe Romanoff573.000
Richard Bourke572.000
Craig Cameron572.000
Cameron Paterson569.000
Kenneth Hart568.000
John Hopkins566.000
Russell Croser566.000
Antoine Wurfel565.000
Emma Croser564.000
Darren Crozier564.000
David Coupe563.000
Alex Cameron560.000
Luke Crozier556.000
Christopher Foster555.000
Dean Romanoff546.000
Trevor Drage545.000
Kyle Janicki486.000